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Late (as usual) but at least the post is here.


Wow! First post of the year, which should have been done about 23 days ago…anyways…

It seems that so far 2014 has blown into the picture tired and panting. To date I am already breaking my New Year’s Resolutions that should have been simple and not a problem. Assignments not handed in (check). Not getting to the gym once or twice a week (check). Spending a couple of hours a night either crocheting or reading (or sometimes both).

I am happy that I am able to at least keep up with one thing on the list: Keeping up with friends and reading.

In the last two weeks or so I have been madly busing between Red River College, University of Manitoba, and the University of Winnipeg to visit friends. One day I spent almost two hours on the bus to see a friend at UofM, an hour both ways, and then I got home only to realize I wouldn’t have enough time to have a long nap before going out that night. You can imagine what kind of state I was in that night. The words grumpy and frustrated would have topped the list.

Pretty much I could have rivaled Grumpy Cat on any grumpy level.

I would like to say that this year I hope to actually complete a “Book Haul” post. My first one will be for December 2013 and will include all the books I bought during the month and received during my Christmas and Birthday from family and boyfriend. I know I did a terrible job last year with *cough* not *cough* doing any posts. I think I had just tried to bite off more than I could chew. I promise this year I will be better at this in 2014!

As for my writing this year I have already started on a project that I think will go far. I’ve got some scenes already marked out and character relationships planned out. Its about football (soccer for those who are not in UK and Ireland) and a librarian. Pretty cool huh? Yeah I thought so. My plan for the story is to start writing it like a fanfiction, since I am basing it off a real football team, but eventually I will be taking it off the internet and rewriting so it will be an original piece.

My idea for the title on the new WIP is: Footiebooks

What do you think? Too cliche? I think it may but again it is just a work in progress. As I go I will update its progress on my blog!

What kind of things would you like to see on my blog this year? Let me know in the comments below!

I am very confused on why I am not getting recommended Tags at the bottom of my page. Its actually kind of frusturating since I really enjoy looking at what my recomended tags are. Is anyone else having this problem?

xx E. Munchkin


20 years and I will always stay a child


I think that the beauty of being a heavy duty reader and a part time writer means that I can enjoy being a child for the rest of my life. I spent yesterday, my last day of being a teenager, watching movies that I have always loved. These included: Mary Poppins ( my boyfriend took me to see Saving Mr Banks recently since we both adore the movie), Madeline, and Thomas and the Magic Railroad. After I finished watching Thomas and the Magic Railroad my brains started to chug out a semi plotline for a new story.

I was astonished. Seriously.

It seems that all of december I have been dry for ideas; even my NaNoWriMo 2013 story held no interest for me!

Okay, okay I’m back on track now. My ideas on Mary Poppins and Saving Mr Banks will have to come again in the form of a different blog post in the new year.

How did I spend my birthday?

Well…pretty much relaxed the entire day. My day involved movie watching, cat napping, and reading.

Well…pretty much had a fancy night.

My parents took my boyfriend and I to this fancy restarent called Praire360 here in Winnipeg. For those who knew of it as the Revolving Restaurant…well it still revolves. Being able to see Winnipeg from 30 stories up was amazing and breathtaking the first time around (by the second it was still amazing and awesome but not as much if you get what I mean). The food was delicious: I dined on these amazing perogies which were filled with bison. They were amazing!

When I got home, or at least back to mum’s, I was treated to an amazing cake from Safeway (thanks dad!) and many presents. I am not going to go into too much detail about everything but I will give three of my highlights (which may not be highlights to everyone else).

::1:: Mum gave me Ritz Cracker packs (12 pack I believe). Now my reason that this is a highlight? Ritz Cracker packs are a very special treat in my house. I rarely get them as a snack nor do I go out and buy them with my own money. They are a treat that does not come into my hands very often.

::2:: Dad gave me the latest Clive Cussler (Mr Cussler, if you read this, I am a huge fan!) book: Mirage. I’ve been drooling over it every time I walk into a Chapters or McNally Robinson. I even dragged dad to both places in a week and made sure to point it out both times. I am so excited to read it!

Now I am going to admit before I even go further that I love all my presents that I have recieved both now and on Christmas. I would never take any of these gifts for granted nor do I choose one solid favorite since it is unfair.

::3:: Boyfriend gave me the Ultimate Tea Collection from DAVIDsTEA!! I nearly fell out of my chair. I absolutely adore tea and to know that my boyfriend would go out and spend a large amount of money on tea for me…well it leaves me just amazed! Not that I should be surprised…but its still WOW.

That pretty much wraps up what I did with my family and boyfriend today.

I am determind that even when I have to grow up and get older I will never truly grow up. There will always be some part of me that will happily say, “Fuck this shit.” and continue acting childish. This is why I truly love reading and writing with such passion. These beautiful forms of words will allow me to keep my childish nature flowing!

Happy Birthday to myself! Its hard to believe I am 20 and not going back. Like Avril Lavigne said, “Here’s to never growing up!”

NoWri just No


I am not sure if I am going to make it to the end of NaNoWriMo this year.

As you can see my word count is drastically behind schedule and at this point I have no idea whether I am going to be able to catch up. It didn’t help that my entire 7,000 words that I gained within the first week disappeared. I am sure if I am able to put my mind to it I will catch up seeing as I am only 30,000 words off from today’s target.

I’ve heard that unexpected things happen in NaNoWriMo while writing. A scene, where no scene was before, pops up or an unexpected relationship suddenly comes to light, where there was only supposed to be hatred, has always seemed to put me in a sense of stupid. Most likely since it has never happened to me before this year. But now it has.

When I planned to kill off Nasty Wizard it was just going to be him getting killed by a drunk driver who doesn’t even realize he hit a man and continues to drive, realistically I guess swerve, off down the highway.

The scene was going well until Nasty Wizard didn’t die right off the hop from the hit. That is when my drunk driver suddenly changed into an assassin / mercenary type person (except he did not do it for the money nor did he let them know what he was planning to do when he overheard their conversation in the coffee shop).

A/M didn’t just drive him over. He stalked him down what would be about a quarter of a kilometer and running him multiple times. Once he was sure that Nasty Wizard was dead he drove up beside the body poured some sort of liquid on it, while smoking a cigarette, (I believe it was gas but I wouldn’t put it past him to pour some whiskey and possibly brandy) before tossing an entire magazine of matches on him. Then drove off.

Damn. I can’t believe that came from my subconscious mind. If you are wondering who the character model that came to mind after I wrote this particular scene was Noah Segan. What do you think?

I looked up the definition for both assassin and mercenary but neither seemed to fit this ruthless character that just barged into the story. He isn’t a gang member or a hit man either since there was nothing in it for him; no money, no recognition, nothing. Here I have put him as an assassin / mercenary but I am thinking that he is more of a rogue version of either with his own sense of right and wrong; regardless of it being twisted and not with a moral compass pointing directly north.

As I continue to think about what happened I realized that my writing is starting to grow and become more my own. My subconscious is starting to really come into play while I write. I mean seriously, where else would have my drunk driver turned assassin / mercenary come from?  I am very glad that my writing style and voice seems to be changing.

Has your writer’s voice changed? What was it like before compared to now? Has your novel taken any sharp changes?

Thank god my NaNoWriMo Notebook is Part of my Plan


You know how things just DO NOT work out in your favour when something so important to you just decides to blow itself up and leave you broken fingered??

That is just what happened to my word count. Almost got to 10,000 then BAM. I had to hang my head when I typed in the dreaded “0” into my update word count box.

Not even an hour ago. FML to the MAX.

So now you are probably wanting to know what the hell happend.

In short I figured out that liquid story binder looks cool but unless you want to be reading a 50+ page how to manual (which I really don’t want to) you are going to be having a hell of a time trying to get what you want done. In short: my Liquid Story Board went belly up, screwing over all that I had typed into it, I wasn’t able to fix it. I had to do the unthinkable.

I uninstalled the program.

On my last post, Freshest Scene First, I had a commenter who asked me why I don’t use Scrivener’s NaNoWriMo Free Trial? When I responded I mentioned something along the lines of how it would be my luck that at the end of NaNoWriMo I would forget to save it all to a word document and all would be lost.

I guess I didn’t foresee this happening in my very distant (now past) future.

Thankfully I didn’t loose everything that I had written. My NaNoWriMo Notebook did have some of the scenes fully written out. These are the scenes which I had been writing on the bus as I went from school to home, school to library, and home to everywhere else. So now I am busy retyping up all my written words onto Scivener in order to get my ass back on track but I will still have to be having to redo everything that I had lost.

I actually quite like the program. It really has grown on me. Many of the features that it provides are what I have been wanting for a long time. This includes cue-cards. Seriously just because they have cue-cards I am loving it. I can write a quick summary of what I want to have happen in the scene then BLAM! I can go back and write it out fully.

Freaking perfect and it saves a lot of my money with not having to go out buying colourful cue-cards.

In short: Scivener is what I am working with now, but I still hold my Word program very close.

Freshest Scene First!


Today I have decided to change my NaNoWriMo writing strategy. I suppose better now on the second day than on the 24th otherwise that may mess everything up.

Every year as I scramble to make the word count (and for the most part fail spectacurly) because I write the novel from the beginning and by the time I get to a scene that has been rolling around my head for the past x amount of time its gone! That is why this year I have decided to focus on the scenes but not necessarily in order. As I write the scene and move onto the next I will obviously leave out the part that glues the two together in order to make the story flow.

Sounds stupid, I am quite aware, but keep reading! Just let me explain before you throw a writing/typing/storytelling device at me!

When I get the dreaded NaNoWriMo writers block that would normally take ages for me to get over (when I obviously do not have agest since this has to be done in 30 days) I will go back and begin the task of putting the scenes together as one would do when sewing a whole bunch of patch work squares to make a quilt. See what I am getting at? I’ll still be getting words and it will be productive. The idea is that I will be able to come up with new scenes and ideas as I sew everything up.

Today I worked out one of the last scenes of my novel. Don’t give me that look!

Many years ago, when I was still in highschool, one of my very awesome band teachers once told the class that in order to make the song amazing you work from the last note first. Well since I don’t play my flute as much and I am no longer in band (thank god) I figured I would put that advice to good use else where.

The scene I wrote is basically about a thousand words where my main character (still unnamed by the way; if you have any name ideas send my way!) finally discovers who the warlock is that she has been trying to find.

Hope all your NaNo Novels are coming along great. Have you guys found any plotholes yet?