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Boredem Sends the Mind Away


Sitting here in my Communications class with just under 35 minutes to go and we are supposed to be writing something, an outline I think, about our topic for our expressionlist essay (Will be posting what I wrote last class about the same essay later today) and guess what!

No fucking, clucking, ducking, idea what I am supposed to be writing about. It stupifies me since I consider myself to be an “unpublished author” even though I do put my writing up on different websites (a page will be set up in the future that lists my links).

I will admit that my mind did wander towards a potential NANOWRIMO2013 Idea.

So my teacher told me to write a list out on Word…so here I go.

Does anyone have any suggestions, prompts, or ideas on what I can write? Or music that I could listen to that may help this munchkin’s brain gears?