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Blocking the Words


Some days I just have no inspiration to write; even a simple blog post.

Other days I just have so much inspiration that half of its gone before I am able to record or write it down.

Then there are the days when everything that I write is plain shit and shouldn’t have even been composed.

I hate writer’s block. I absolutely hate the state with every writing fiber in my body.

It throws me off of my game badly.

It makes me grumpy.

Most of all it makes me feel guilty because I am unable to provide entertainment for my readers both here and where I post my writing. I know most people that I have talked to say that I should write for myself first and foremost, which I do, but in all honesty having response from readers is another huge factor. When I don’t get any response from the audience how am I supposed to know if I have done a good job? Or if I have just done a plain shit job at whatever I have been writing?

It isn’t like I can go to my friends, hand them a rough draft, and request nicely that they give me honest feedback. They are my FRIENDS; of course they are going to tell me what they know I want to hear (“Ohh, I really liked it.” or “This is fantasic! I know someday you are going to get published.”) Perhaps some of what they say is the truth. Generally though they are just sugar coating it. In the end I have written a chapter or a scene and left it to “marinate” along with the other countless sequences until I feel that I can go over it with a fine-tooth literary comb.

Just some thoughts on where I am now in my writing adventures. It would be lovely if I one day become a published author but for now that is just a dream.