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Lazy Arsed Rower? Really?


On Monday I had rec-rowing in prep for our upcoming “Skills Rodeo” on Saturday.

Now normally I get to practice on time, or even ten to fifteen minutes early, but on Monday I ended up getting to practice nearly fifteen minutes late. My reason? I had to cook supper before I left and had to make sure that by the time I get back there would be some left over. Plus walk to the rowing club. I had earlier sent a text to my coach, who would normally be coaching, saying that I would be late. Unfortunately Monday my coach was not there and we had a sub-coach who was perfectly fine with me sitting in the coach boat during practice.

Good thing too, there was no more boats for me to row anyways. Unless I wanted to go into a single. (No thank you!)

So as I helped bring the coach boat gear down, filled a gas tank, and made sure we had enough life jackets/PFD’s etc. My friend noticed that I was wearing a life jacket (mandatory if you want to be in the coach boat as we have a river patrol boat who will stop you if you are not wearing one) and started to get a bit riled up.

When she got into my face about my appearance AFTER the boating assignments were given I simply told her, “Sorry but I had to make supper before I came.” I never meant it to be a stab at her or anything harsh. Since when did she have control over what happens before I come to rowing?

Her response? “You are such a lazy arsed rower,” she said to me in front of everyone on the dock. “I can’t believe you even showed up.” See the thing was this summer I worked evenings for most of the summer in six hour shifts so I missed generally all the practices. My friend on the other hand has a normal job so she was able to get to the summer practices.

Gee. Sorry? 

Finally my brain decided to get to work on a snappy come back but as that was happening I had a really hankering to shove her off the dock and into the river. FYI: Didn’t go through with it.

Tomorrow there is the final practice before the “Skills Rodeo” and my plan is to get there very early.