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Apologies but poison took my writing away


I suppose I should begin by apologizing. It has been ages since I have been able to just sit down at my laptop and just write a post.

In the last few weeks I have gotten sick more than once both during school and during my reading break that was now a week ago (scary stuff!). To summarize my unlucky bought of sickness essentially what went on was:

The week before my reading break I came down with some sort of weird flu/cold on the weekend. It was not bad on that Sunday so I got up and went to school the next day (Monday) as per normal. When I got to school I was a mess. Blotchy face, running nose, tearing eyes, and leaving the classroom continuously in order to go to the bathroom because of my stomach. My teacher told me that I could go home since I was pretty sick. Unfortunately I was not able to do that because I would still have to wait more than 20 minutes for a bus. I even told my boyfriend not to pick me up from school because he would have to miss work.

So I stayed home Tuesday and went back to school on Wednesday feeling better. Boyfriend texted me every couple of hours to see how I was doing which was very sweet of him. Thursday we hit up Festival du Voyager (an amazing Winnipeg festival) and Friday we did a dinner and movie for Valentine’s Day. Weekend and most of my Reading Break went over in a flash with no homework being done but tons of writing ideas were flowing (I kinda blame the cough syrup that I was taking since my coughing had been still pretty bad), but that is for another post!

Friday boyfriend and I went out with a group of friends, six of us in total, to a fairly nice restaurant to have some drinks and food. We had a good time and I stayed over at boyfriend’s apartment that night. I called mum to let her know we had gotten home safely and that the evening had been a good one. I sounded fine to my mum and boyfriend. Him and I watched The Hunger Games DVD that he had gotten for his birthday this year and I munched on some popcorn happily.

During the night and in the morning was a completely different story.

Food poisoning literally brought me to my knees. I could barely move and yet I managed to get into my clothing, past boyfriend who was doing his best to keep me in the apartment, and get out of the building so I could stumble my way to the bus stop. I had to make a pit stop at a snow pile so I could throw up in it and tell myself that going back to boyfriend was the thing to do but my feet continued to carry me away. I don’t want to know what the bus driver thought of me as I climbed on the bus.

Evidently my Reading Week-end did not go over so well. I ended up sleeping most of the weekend and splitting time between the couch and bed. I was also shipped between my parents’ houses on Sunday night. Boyfriend was constantly texting me because he couldn’t come and see me while I was at my dad’s house. I will admit that I got mad at him for not chasing me down or even coming with me to the bus stop (everything is good between us now).

It turns out I was not the only one who got food poisoning that night. Out of the six, three of us got sick. The “leader” of our group was in email contact with the manager of the restuarent but I have not heard anything about it since last week. I believe its fair to say we will not be returning to that restaurent any time soon.

Thankfully now I am feeling much better and more than a little stressed from school but that would be normal right?


Bed is my Best Friend


I want my bed. I want to sleep and just feel pathetic by myself.

But no. Instead I have school. I feel bad for my teacher because here I am sitting right in front of her flapping my hands, arms and using over the top facial expressions but not speaking.

I lost my voice this morning. I literally croaked good morning to my dad and that was it.

I’ve been like this since Thursday night. I missed school on Friday because I didn’t want to make everyone else sick but now I have to be here. In my classes you can’t miss too much or you will fall so far behind that it’s nearly impossible to catch up. Plus I happen to have a business computer teacher who not only would make it his mission to tease me the next time I step foot into class that my boyfriend kept me up all night (I would just do my best arm flailing at him in response); he would also decide not to take pity on me if I missed any assignments over the weekend (which I have this feeling I did).

I slept a lot this weekend. During the day I slept and then I spent a good hour or so coughing and drinking a ton of juice before I could even fall asleep. Last night I listened to Marianas Trench’s entire Master Piece Theatre album because it really helped me relax before I fell asleep. I can always listen to their music on repeat and never get bored. Did you know they are from Vancouver, Canada?

Lets see…what else about my weekend was interesting?

Oh, here in Winnipeg the Irish Association of Manitoba has their headquarters and yesterday was the AGM (Annual General Meeting) which I obviously could not attend. My boyfriend, the actual leprechaun between the two of us, went and represented me as I am working on reestablishing, cataloguing, and essentially bringing the library back to life.

Even though I am not Irish I am working really hard to bring back this library to life.

My main reason for doing so is because seeing all these beautiful books not being used and feeling outraged when members of the IAM tell me that people are just going in there and taking books with the intent to not return them. My second reason is that after asking a number of members in the club, some who are getting older and others who have small families, I found that many wanted the library running again because it will be keeping a strong hold on their heritage and because it will be a way for the next generation to learn about where they have come from.

I just hope I can do it justice.

My boyfriend was nominated to the Board of Directors (congrats!) which is awesome! I know he takes a great deal of pride being Irish. Its going to be fun seeing him working with the others on the Board and hopefully they can make the IAM even better. Not going to lie but it also helps because I can go straight to him if I need anything for the library or need to know where I stand on certain issues that include the library.

Right now though I just feel plain sick and not particularly interested in doing much besides sleeping.




Winnipeg, Manitoba IS IN THE HOUSE!

Unfortunately I have to go to bed because I have a lovely 8am class this morning but thankfully I am going to be writing on  the bus so I am going to be able to keep upping my wordcount.

I hope that tonight my dreams will unravel my scenes that I have to work on. Or maybe they will just change it up so much that my poor brain will be spinning and going, “What the fuck was that?”

Pardon the language.

Goodnight, Peace out, Lets get this NaNoWriMo started!

You are now entering Dreamland; Please, choose a cloud


My head is heavy while my eyelids are even heavier. The beginnings of a headache are coming on which can only mean that I am going to be in a heavy sleep tonight.

I probably could fall asleep right here in front of my laptop but unfortunately I can’t do that. I need to be up before 6.30am my time in order to get to college for my 8.00am class (good to know my teacher doesn’t like getting up that early either). At least I can come home after classes (which end around lunch or 12.00pm) and get another hour or so of sleep before heading off into the unhelpful land of homework.

But for now I want to get at least six and a half hours of sleep. Its not too much to ask, right?

Perhaps tonight I will end up with a nice dream; one that I could use to kick off my NaNoWriMo outlining ideas. How many times I have found that I need to have a notebook beside my bed or even under my pillow so that in the morning as soon as I wake up, BAM! I can write out whatever the heck happened in my dreams…if I remember them. Usually I do though, which I think is pretty cool.

You know, I think I have an outline somewhere from a crazy dream that I had in the summer. Should I use that for my NaNoWriMo if I can find it? Nah. I’ll think or dream up something else instead. I wasn’t too crazy about the idea in the first place but maybe with some tweeking it could be a possible contender.

Do you use your dreams as writing ideas? If so, how do you record them?

What’s the most crazy (and appropriate to post on the internet for all to see) dream that you have ever had?

Do you write your dreams down? Sometimes I do but that also depends on whether  I am able to remember them.

You know what? I love how this post went from being sleepy and having a pounding headache to writing and NaNoWriMo. Sure sign that I need to back my pillow, catch the flying cloud, and head for Dreamland. Not going to lie, this will happen more times than any one is going to be able to count. *runs and hops on a passing cloud*