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GoodReads via Sticky Notes and my reading life


I guess the “traditional method” of using GoodReads is that you add books to your current reading list as you are currently reading them.

As fantastic as this idea is, in theory, for some people I can tell you right now that it doesn’t work for me.

I always forget to update my status on the bloody thing, or forget to include the book in my current reads, or whatever other combinations. This really does annoy me since I have the app on my phone. Like, how much more accessible does it need to be for me to remember? No you don’t have to answer.

Maybe I should start using sticky notes! Be fancy and use glittery gel pens, or colourful permanent markers.

Anyways, so last night I spent a couple hours browsing through books both on the website and also my shelves to figure out which books I want to read during this month and potentially September. My list includes YA and manga but any suggestions you have will be happily included into the list!

Happy reading everyone 😀


Sleeplessness and Thinking


There are just too many things running around my head right now.
It’s been at least a week, or maybe more, that I am aware of where sleep has evaded me. Just like that pesky mosquito in the hall, lingering just out of my reach, yet I can hear it.
At least one thing is going well. I’ve been busy reading and have successfully completed two books this week. Although this may seem to be like a fraction, probably like a quarter of what I normally read in a week, it’s okay.
I am finding it difficult some days to just let myself submerge into the worlds written by others and my own hand.
Maybe I should pick up my crochet again especially since I have to start two large Totoro that need to be finished before October and November.
And this is just a small amount of projects that need to be finished.
Currently my writing, as you can probably tell my blog too, has been gathering physical and digital dust.
I intend to fix this. Recently I have been poking around with some new ideas for one of my original characters, Adelaide, that I intend to try out.
Good thing my girl is adventurous!
Has anyone used the cue card method to plan out writing? I’ve been reading some articles and blog posts about the method online. From what I have read this method might be the key to my success for all my scattered ideas that relate to one story.
Another thing that I have been seeing online is character boards on pinterest and character collages. Do any of you use these? Cam you tell me what you think or any other methods that you use to visually encourage your character to grow?
Lists would be a good idea.

Before I zzz


Before the two sleeping pills I took begin sending me off to dreamland I just want to apologize for the lack of updates. I’m in my final days of the semester and shit JUST GOT REAL. I have a Canadian Government exam in the morning. Guess who didn’t study nearly as much as I could have? Rhetorical question. Seriously.
I would also like to mention that for m Readers Advisory YA class I had to make a book trailer. Yes. I will be linking it tomorrow here so you can marvel at either my interesting video or the fact I threw myself against a moving car more than once.
Yeah. I’ll just let that sink in.
Have a good night. I think the sleeping pills are starting to work. Goodnight!

Time flips over in 29 days


In 29 days I will be 21.

Not gonna lie but the thought of just toeing the 20’s is making me sick to my stomache.

Now I have made a couple challenges for myself so that I feel like I have ended my 20th year with a muthafucking bang!

Challenge Numero One: Post something on here everyday. It doesn’t have to be a full fledged, huge 1000 word, post. It can just be a quote or a youtube link to a song/video that is really hitting me at the moment.

Challenge Numero Two: Read 31 books in 31 days. Doesn’t mean I have to read a book a day (not when I am in the middle of crazy school shit) but I just need to read 31 books. I am already starting on the challenge I set for myself. If all goes to plan I will be posting a picture of myself with the book that I am currently working on and maybe making a photo album of them on here? These pictures will also be put on my instagram or twitter so if you see doubles…they are mine!

Challenge Numero Three: Finish a full manuscript for a story I am working on. It doesn’t have to be perfect or beautiful (my best friend will be looking at it) but it needs to be something so I can start posting it after some edits onto my Wattpad account (which will be updated in the days to come when I can actually take a fucking breath).

I am also going to be working on a special mixlist of songs. I haven’t decided on what to name it yet but I will be putting songs that have a memory, impact, special something attached to it. Each song will have a link here on the blog with a post that talks about why I love it so much. These may not have happen everyday; I will be also writing these in my journal. I won’t start this right at this very moment but tomorrow since I am getting sleepy and I have to go to bed soon.

I hope you are having a good…evening/morning/afternoon? I know I have been a silent ninja bloggr for the last x amount of months. Have any good songs you have been hearing recently?

Love, E.

Purple Binding, Written Words, Old Fashioned?


A decision that I made a few days after the New Year was to keep better track of my books that I have been reading.

I’ve got GoodReads (I do accept friend requests, you just need to ask!) but sometimes I just don’t feel like turning on my laptop and all that just to update a book status. I do also have the app for my ipod touch but again, just like with the laptop, I need to have wireless and a battery life in order to update.

Its amazing how much we rely on the internet, both with a connection cable and wireless, just to keep track of books, goals, pets, kids, etc. I know I use my laptop a lot when I am writing. I’ve totally destroyed a laptop’s hardrive because I had so much stuff (writing pieces, inspiration for writing, templates for various things, etc.) on it.

Okay, let me get back on track.

This year I have decided that all writing (short stories, novels, poems etc.) will be handwritten and I will be logging all my books that I have read; along with comments and feelings, into a notebook. Mind you this will be two different notebooks. My inspiration for doing this was my cousin who does the same thing, sort of, but not nearly as detailed as I will be.

I am not quite sure exactly what I am going to be putting down but it gets an entire page of the notebook; which consists of both sides of the paper. My goal is to fill a book a yearish and have fun doing it along the way. Then once a month I will add which books I have finished onto my GoodReads account. If I feel I have a decent amount of coverage in my Purple Binding then I will perhaps put up a review or at least my thoughts and comments about the book/short story here on my blog! Keep a look out in the Purple Binding area for further updates!

This year my goal is to read 50 books! Help me get there by suggesting books that YOU like in the comments below!