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Don’t Threaten the Writing Hand


There has been an explosion of disgruntlment, unhappiness, and general negitivity all surrounding Veronica Roth’s Allegiant (the third book in the Divergent Series). I have read the first book, Divergent, and absolutely loved it but have not been able to get my hands on Insurgent or Allegiant.

This post is my response to the negitivity.

My first thought when I read Book Riot’s article about how fans were threatning Veronica because of the ending it just made me disappointed not in the book but in the readers. These threats have caused her to go on her twitter today and tweet:

“Physical threats are NOT fine with me, but we already knew that.” (October 24, 2013 at approx 12:14pm)

“I will talk about Allegiant more when the tour is done. For now, read, react, talk.” (October 24, 2013 at approx 12:14pm)

I was on her twitter feed when she tweeted these. I was disgusted (again not at her). As readers we have no right, well reality is no one has the right, to threaten bloody murder on ANYONE much less a favourite author.

After reading about these threats, both against her and against the reader themself, I decided to go onto google and find an interview with Ms Roth. I found BuzzFeed’s interview with her after searching for a while and it cleared up that yes a main character dies but Ms Roth planned it to happen.

She planned it.

Sure you can dislike, hate, and be repulsed by the ending…but threatening the author isn’t going to change that. She isn’t going to cave to the pressure of all the readers and rewrite the story just because people hated it. No. Saying that you are a super fan of her work then turning around and spitting in her face whether it be at a signing (Really? What are you…5? How inappropriate) or on a social media that you “hated the book” and “will never read anything written by Veronica Roth again” isn’t helping the situation at all. In fact its adding to the destruction. In the end you just will have to accept:

Veronica Roth planned it out to be this way. Not every book has to have a tidy ending with happiness, rainbows, and unicorns.

I think that the point of the book is that if a group of people believe so strongly in a cause or a way of life that if  a major person in the picture just goes *poof* that the rest will keep on going; that they will be able to push through the emotions and keep going in order even if that means doing so in order to honor and respect.

I personally think that I will like the book even if it is sad. I’ve read many books and very few have I ever hated enough that I will never read ever again (My short list is made up of: The Giver and Animal Farm).

These are just my opinions on what is currently happening. I have yet to read the book myself.

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Lazy Arsed Rower? Really?


On Monday I had rec-rowing in prep for our upcoming “Skills Rodeo” on Saturday.

Now normally I get to practice on time, or even ten to fifteen minutes early, but on Monday I ended up getting to practice nearly fifteen minutes late. My reason? I had to cook supper before I left and had to make sure that by the time I get back there would be some left over. Plus walk to the rowing club. I had earlier sent a text to my coach, who would normally be coaching, saying that I would be late. Unfortunately Monday my coach was not there and we had a sub-coach who was perfectly fine with me sitting in the coach boat during practice.

Good thing too, there was no more boats for me to row anyways. Unless I wanted to go into a single. (No thank you!)

So as I helped bring the coach boat gear down, filled a gas tank, and made sure we had enough life jackets/PFD’s etc. My friend noticed that I was wearing a life jacket (mandatory if you want to be in the coach boat as we have a river patrol boat who will stop you if you are not wearing one) and started to get a bit riled up.

When she got into my face about my appearance AFTER the boating assignments were given I simply told her, “Sorry but I had to make supper before I came.” I never meant it to be a stab at her or anything harsh. Since when did she have control over what happens before I come to rowing?

Her response? “You are such a lazy arsed rower,” she said to me in front of everyone on the dock. “I can’t believe you even showed up.” See the thing was this summer I worked evenings for most of the summer in six hour shifts so I missed generally all the practices. My friend on the other hand has a normal job so she was able to get to the summer practices.

Gee. Sorry? 

Finally my brain decided to get to work on a snappy come back but as that was happening I had a really hankering to shove her off the dock and into the river. FYI: Didn’t go through with it.

Tomorrow there is the final practice before the “Skills Rodeo” and my plan is to get there very early.