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Time flips over in 29 days


In 29 days I will be 21.

Not gonna lie but the thought of just toeing the 20’s is making me sick to my stomache.

Now I have made a couple challenges for myself so that I feel like I have ended my 20th year with a muthafucking bang!

Challenge Numero One: Post something on here everyday. It doesn’t have to be a full fledged, huge 1000 word, post. It can just be a quote or a youtube link to a song/video that is really hitting me at the moment.

Challenge Numero Two: Read 31 books in 31 days. Doesn’t mean I have to read a book a day (not when I am in the middle of crazy school shit) but I just need to read 31 books. I am already starting on the challenge I set for myself. If all goes to plan I will be posting a picture of myself with the book that I am currently working on and maybe making a photo album of them on here? These pictures will also be put on my instagram or twitter so if you see doubles…they are mine!

Challenge Numero Three: Finish a full manuscript for a story I am working on. It doesn’t have to be perfect or beautiful (my best friend will be looking at it) but it needs to be something so I can start posting it after some edits onto my Wattpad account (which will be updated in the days to come when I can actually take a fucking breath).

I am also going to be working on a special mixlist of songs. I haven’t decided on what to name it yet but I will be putting songs that have a memory, impact, special something attached to it. Each song will have a link here on the blog with a post that talks about why I love it so much. These may not have happen everyday; I will be also writing these in my journal. I won’t start this right at this very moment but tomorrow since I am getting sleepy and I have to go to bed soon.

I hope you are having a good…evening/morning/afternoon? I know I have been a silent ninja bloggr for the last x amount of months. Have any good songs you have been hearing recently?

Love, E.


Lab Results #7: The Debriefing of a Library Technician in Training


Today’s multimedia lesson dealt with the topic of podcasting. Have you heard of it before? For those of you who do not know what a podcast is let me give you a quick summery.

A podcast is simply an audio or video mp3 file that is accessable anywhere in the world and can be downloaded onto your mp3 player, ipod-whatever, and your phone (if its a smart phone…unlike mine). If you subscribe via RSS (Really Simple Syndication) then your podcast will automatically update as soon as a new podcast arrives!

Pretty niffty.

The best thing about this digital audio file is that yes it can be professionally made but it can also be made by anyone. All you need is a good microphone, editing software (which you can get for free and open-sourced online) and access to the internet. After creating your podcast you can publish it online via a website (with an RSS feed) or even a podcast directory such as iTunes, Podcast.net, and PodcastPickle. Of course there are many more directories out there but I just included a few here for your amusement (and mine as well). Click through the links to explore a vast amount of interesting and unique podcasts.

Now you are probably wondering why podcating would be an interesting and relavent topic for a library technicnan in training. There are many reasons why a podcast can be helpful to not only a librarian but the patrons of the library as well!

  • Promotes the library
    • Special Events, regular events
    • Interviews with the librarians
    • New books/book reviews etc.
  • The child patrons of the library can post their own discoveries and learn about new and interesting things
  • Effective training for a new librarian
  • Can provide walking tours/orientation of the library with interesting facts and stats

1- Which library podcast did you listen to? From the list on LISWiki I chose the podcast Lost in the stacks and began listening to EPISODE 181: OPEN ACCESS BEGINS AT HOME.

2- Why did you choose this podcast? When I was reading through the list of podcasts I was looking for something that was unique and that would catch my eye. Lost in the Stacks had a brief description after it saying that its the “podcast of the research-library rock’n’roll radio show on WREK Atlanta“. I knew I immediately had to listen to that one. Seriously, how many podcasts can you find that include music and interviews in a library setting?

3- What was the focus of the podcast and who was it geared towards? (Ex: was it about library instruction, library policies, popular books, etc…? Was it geared towards school library staff, academic library staff, public library staff, or library patrons?) The episode I am listening to as I write this (Epidsode 181) focused on Open Access and is the fourth of five (the next episode will be aired ont the first of November at lunch) that I know of.

The speakers on the podcast are from the Georgia Tech Library which is a research library. Saying that I don’t believe that this is a podcast specifically directed towards the staff of an academic library but the librarians of any type and the library patrons too! It talks about everything and anything that has to do with libraries including stuff that happens behind the scenes for both the librarians and what occurs at the publishing/printing buildings.

4- Did you enjoy the podcast? Why or why not? I definetly enjoyed the podcast episode. I loved the interviews and the music. My classmates probably were wondering why I was grooving in my seat the entire class (and consequently nearly falling out of my chair). The music is ties it all together because it gives the speakers a chance to take a break and transition into a new portion of the podcast. You can find the playlist included after every episode on the link included above that takes you to the radio station. 

I listen to a variety of podcasts everything from oldschool radio shows (brilliant) to contemporay storytelling to sports updates (GO MANCHESTER UNITED!) and everything in between. I find them fascinating and extremely educational if I don’t have a craving for listening to music at that particular time.

Do you listen to any podcasts? What kinds of podcasts do you listen to? Do you have more podcasts than music in your handheld library? What podcast suggestions do you have for everyone?

Would you like to see a podcast on here in the future?

Comment below!