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NoWri just No


I am not sure if I am going to make it to the end of NaNoWriMo this year.

As you can see my word count is drastically behind schedule and at this point I have no idea whether I am going to be able to catch up. It didn’t help that my entire 7,000 words that I gained within the first week disappeared. I am sure if I am able to put my mind to it I will catch up seeing as I am only 30,000 words off from today’s target.

I’ve heard that unexpected things happen in NaNoWriMo while writing. A scene, where no scene was before, pops up or an unexpected relationship suddenly comes to light, where there was only supposed to be hatred, has always seemed to put me in a sense of stupid. Most likely since it has never happened to me before this year. But now it has.

When I planned to kill off Nasty Wizard it was just going to be him getting killed by a drunk driver who doesn’t even realize he hit a man and continues to drive, realistically I guess swerve, off down the highway.

The scene was going well until Nasty Wizard didn’t die right off the hop from the hit. That is when my drunk driver suddenly changed into an assassin / mercenary type person (except he did not do it for the money nor did he let them know what he was planning to do when he overheard their conversation in the coffee shop).

A/M didn’t just drive him over. He stalked him down what would be about a quarter of a kilometer and running him multiple times. Once he was sure that Nasty Wizard was dead he drove up beside the body poured some sort of liquid on it, while smoking a cigarette, (I believe it was gas but I wouldn’t put it past him to pour some whiskey and possibly brandy) before tossing an entire magazine of matches on him. Then drove off.

Damn. I can’t believe that came from my subconscious mind. If you are wondering who the character model that came to mind after I wrote this particular scene was Noah Segan. What do you think?

I looked up the definition for both assassin and mercenary but neither seemed to fit this ruthless character that just barged into the story. He isn’t a gang member or a hit man either since there was nothing in it for him; no money, no recognition, nothing. Here I have put him as an assassin / mercenary but I am thinking that he is more of a rogue version of either with his own sense of right and wrong; regardless of it being twisted and not with a moral compass pointing directly north.

As I continue to think about what happened I realized that my writing is starting to grow and become more my own. My subconscious is starting to really come into play while I write. I mean seriously, where else would have my drunk driver turned assassin / mercenary come from?  I am very glad that my writing style and voice seems to be changing.

Has your writer’s voice changed? What was it like before compared to now? Has your novel taken any sharp changes?