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Would You like some Cheese with the Quack?


Every student has one, or multiple, teachers who have some sort of “tick” or unique quality that helps them stick out from the crowd of teachers who will be roaming in and out during one’s school career. I’ve had plenty of them.

  • In middleschool:
    • My english teacher for grade seven would take out his guitar and start playing it during our spelling tests. His reason? He wanted us to be distracted so that when he was forced to mark our tests (which would normally take him months!) he would have some amusement
      We didn’t know if he was serious or not. To this day, I still don’t know.
  • In highschool:
    • My history teacher was an amazing man. His patience span was outstanding and he was always willing to give free marks. He was also very inclined to getting off topic and following a bunny trail better than Alice could!
    • My english teacher was known to flip desks in the middle of class so we would pay attention. He also made us read a banned book, “To Kill a Mocking Bird” which I found extremely awesome.
    • My english teacher introduced me to “The Importance of Being Earnest” by Oscar Wilde which I found humorous.
      • He is also the teacher who spurred on my love for writing and reading during class (even though I technically wasn’t supposed ta.)
      • He is one of the few people I don’t mind getting into a Football (Soccer for you Americans) debate about our favorite teams!
  • In first year of university:
    • Professor Canoli: This professor taught me my first semester English class and I was very close to dropping it.
      • First off I never could say his name so I kept calling him something that was close to it.
      • Second off I have never met someone who decided that “Salome” by Oscar Wilde was a cultural shaping text like Canoli did.
        • I’ve asked anyone else and they give me this look, “What the hell?”
        • Don’t even ask how many essays he made us do about this specific story or essays where we had to compare it to another book…of his choosing…bleh.
      • Third off you could completely tell he was mentally translating what was going on in class between french and english. It was funny when he would stop in the middle of class to translate…silently…in his head.

Now, obviously I have had some interesting teachers who have made me laugh or supported me in whatever endeavor. I’ve also had some teachers (not listed) that have been my support system through my many years of school.

So this brings me to my current Business Computer teacher here in my Librarian Technician course.

I have NEVER, EVER, EVER had a teacher who IN THE MIDDLE of class…


Yes. Quacks. Like a duck. He quacked three times in a row yesterday! And quacks probably one a class. Its crazy and we are not sure if he is trying to clear his throat or…just trying to be a duck.

He also likes to say that everything has to do with marriage (how???) and that we have to get used to everything because its permanent, just like marriage.

Trust me, our class doesn’t even know what to make of this teacher.