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Lab Results #4: The Debriefing of a Librarian Technician in Training


Have you ever really thought about how much information we have at our finger tips? Like really, have you just sat there and just thought about it? Take a moment, really, just take a few seconds to process this absolutely mindboggling idea.

Of course many people read blogs, news sites, etc etc. and this is what we focused on today in my Mulitmedia Class.Important-Web-Hosting-Requirements

If we are so eager to learn about what’s out there how are we going to remember every single website that we like? This is where the handy

tool called RSS feeds come in to play. You can find a website that explains RSS feeds here as well as a fantastically done video on youtube here. Both of these links were given to me by my Multimedia teacher today during class.

I’ve dealt with RSS feeds in the past during highschool where for many years I had worked to make a fairly large and highly useful inventory of feeds from various websites in a Google Reader. I really loved my google reader; it was always a work in progress to sort out in the World Wide Web and discover new feeds which are more useful than others.

Unfortunately right now google reader does not exist. Its existance was cut short recently (1 July 2013) by google. If you want to read the blog post you can hop over here. I had originally forgotten that this would be happening so this is the blunt reminder that I had recieved after searching google for the reader. Sure they give you alternatives to the Reader but…No. I liked my reader and want it back!


Now though I put all my subscriptions in to my wordpress reader and have set it to immediate email notifications. Its not as good as

before but until something else appears (or I somehow magically become a HTML genius in the space of a few months and create my own version of a reader).

So how do RSS feeds and libraries work? Why would a munchkin Librarian in Training be instructed to learn about RSS feeds by her

awesome teacher? These RSS feeds are important because libraries can be linked to other libraries which leads into forming webs of interaction. These links can be vital in passing information as well as having a sense of what other libraries are up to.

Which RSS feeds did you look at while you were browsing for one to subscribe to?
 I knew exactly which library I had wanted when I saw the assignment. I chose the Cork City Public Library in County Cork, Ireland. While searching on the main page I found a variety of links to areas of the library that peaked my interest. These include a Music and Musical Exhibition, a Cultural Life, and even a Writer’s Corner!For our multimedia blog post today I am supposed to answer the following questions about an individual activity assigned to us.

Which RSS feed did you finally choose? In the end I chose the library’s main blog page.

Why did you choose this one, and what do you hope to gain from being a subscriber? I subscribed to this page specifically because it brings all the other pages into one blended blog. My hope is to gain knowledge about what is happening in the libraries in Cork Public Libraries especially since:

I love Ireland and I love books.

So that had been my multimedia class today in a nutshell or just over 600 words.

Comments? Questions? Concerns? Hit up the Comment box below or just like it!

(TeacherT, I really love your class! This blog is the best thing you could have possibly made me do)