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GoodReads via Sticky Notes and my reading life


I guess the “traditional method” of using GoodReads is that you add books to your current reading list as you are currently reading them.

As fantastic as this idea is, in theory, for some people I can tell you right now that it doesn’t work for me.

I always forget to update my status on the bloody thing, or forget to include the book in my current reads, or whatever other combinations. This really does annoy me since I have the app on my phone. Like, how much more accessible does it need to be for me to remember? No you don’t have to answer.

Maybe I should start using sticky notes! Be fancy and use glittery gel pens, or colourful permanent markers.

Anyways, so last night I spent a couple hours browsing through books both on the website and also my shelves to figure out which books I want to read during this month and potentially September. My list includes YA and manga but any suggestions you have will be happily included into the list!

Happy reading everyone 😀


Words? Words? Where are you?


So this summer I thought I would be able to sit down, chillax (seriously, chillax isn’t a word?), drink tea by the gallon and write up a storm. Apparently it has taken me till now to realize… It ain’t happening. Now you must be wondering why or maybe you have read my previous post about getting my AWESOME summer job.

Basically to sum it up in 150 characters or less: By time I get home I am so exhausted that I barely make it into the house without falling on my face, tripping on my cat, or just deciding to sleep right there on the floor in front of the door. (Total words: 41)

On top of working full time I am trying to finish a online/distance education course to make up for the one I failed during the semester. Thankfully most of the assignments are fairly easy and I am working through them steadily. Getting them handed in? That’s another story…

But today I got some writing done before work! I am so pleased with myself even though what I accomplished is maybe 500 words or about half a page. Although I have not been able to work on it since, my lunch hour was spent discussing articles in the Metro, I have the paper right beside me if I have a sudden burst of inspiration. This morning when I was working my goal was to get a head start on a dual point of view scene between 2 of my main character at first then adding a 3rd and perhaps 4th later. It is a challenging scene but I am looking forward to getting it done!

Hey Hey! Thanks for all the follows, I just recieved notification that A Munchkin’s Word World has surpassed 50 followers! Thank you, I honestly never would have thought it would happen (especially since I keep forgetting to post; bad munchkin, bad).

Maybe I will have something to report more in a while but for now I need to get back to work.

Sometimes a Munchkin needs a break


Hey guys, girls, cyborgs (you know who you are), and everyone else.

I hope you are still reading this blog? It seems like people are still, which is fantastic, but also just makes the amount of guilt I am feeling for not writing that much larger. Hopefully it is over now (unless you know, I wind up with food poisoning again or something) and I will be back to writing both here and all my stories that seem to have sprouted in notebooks, online, and well in general as well as maintaining this blog.

So I guess my second semester of classes for Library and Information Technology finished and no I did not pass with flying colors. Most classes got a D and one…Distance Education here I come! Which is not bad since I am determined to ace the course, second time`s the charm, and come away with a still fantastic summer. Courses were definitely tough this semester and the amount of times I just wanted to drop out was enormous but thankfully my friends were always rallying in my corner with ideas for stories, tea, popcorn and stuff to usually keep my brain off of school.

On a lighter note: I have a job and its a bloody fantastic job!! So I will be updating with a page dedicated to that and blog posts of my adventures. I am so excited! Can you tell with the use of my exclamation points?

Right now though I need to head to bed. Mum and I are going shopping tomorrow for new office clothing (aka everything that I hate) and some new shoes. (can you tell my obvious excitement?)