So you want to know about me, eh?

Here is some things:

  1. I am a librarian in training.
  2. I love to read (possibly in the future book reviews will come about, possibly.)
    1. I will read everything.
    2. You can always find me in the library.
    3. I will be vocal when people start being inappropriate regarding actions towards authors and their work. Don’t bite the hand that is writing for you!
  3. I love to write (the possibility of my posting small, short, stories on here is not very high; although the possibility of me linking my blog to the sites where I do write is quite high.)
  4. I am from Canada, eh.
  5. I have been rowing for about 6 years now in the local rowing club that is just down my street. VERY convenient.
  6. Since 2008/2009 I have been diagnosed with APD (Auditory Processing Disorder also known as Central Auditory Processing Disorder).

When I figure out what I actually want to write in here I will update/change.

Thank you for reading! Please leave a comment or a like below 🙂


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