Sleeplessness and Thinking


There are just too many things running around my head right now.
It’s been at least a week, or maybe more, that I am aware of where sleep has evaded me. Just like that pesky mosquito in the hall, lingering just out of my reach, yet I can hear it.
At least one thing is going well. I’ve been busy reading and have successfully completed two books this week. Although this may seem to be like a fraction, probably like a quarter of what I normally read in a week, it’s okay.
I am finding it difficult some days to just let myself submerge into the worlds written by others and my own hand.
Maybe I should pick up my crochet again especially since I have to start two large Totoro that need to be finished before October and November.
And this is just a small amount of projects that need to be finished.
Currently my writing, as you can probably tell my blog too, has been gathering physical and digital dust.
I intend to fix this. Recently I have been poking around with some new ideas for one of my original characters, Adelaide, that I intend to try out.
Good thing my girl is adventurous!
Has anyone used the cue card method to plan out writing? I’ve been reading some articles and blog posts about the method online. From what I have read this method might be the key to my success for all my scattered ideas that relate to one story.
Another thing that I have been seeing online is character boards on pinterest and character collages. Do any of you use these? Cam you tell me what you think or any other methods that you use to visually encourage your character to grow?
Lists would be a good idea.


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  1. I am a big proponent od method writing. Haven’t heard of it? That’s cause I made it up just now. Naptimethoughts is a character, but she’s also a part of me. Make your character a piece of you and live your life through the character’s eyes. It all just comes… And I have to tell you, your fantasy you makes your real life a ton more bearable. I send you so much good juju — Naptimethoughts is on the mend too. Sometimes it’s just all too much, you know?

    • Thanks for the encouragement Naptimethoughts!
      I do try to live my life through my character’s eyes, except that with Adelaide (my main and fave character) she’s blind.
      It feels like A Munchkins Word World has grown too small and…isn’t as flexible as it was when I first started it three years ago. Recently I have been thinking of starting a new blog. Have you ever had this thought? Not necessarily with Naptime Thoughts.
      Ohh I feel the juju working already 😀 thank you so much .

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