Time flips over in 29 days


In 29 days I will be 21.

Not gonna lie but the thought of just toeing the 20’s is making me sick to my stomache.

Now I have made a couple challenges for myself so that I feel like I have ended my 20th year with a muthafucking bang!

Challenge Numero One: Post something on here everyday. It doesn’t have to be a full fledged, huge 1000 word, post. It can just be a quote or a youtube link to a song/video that is really hitting me at the moment.

Challenge Numero Two: Read 31 books in 31 days. Doesn’t mean I have to read a book a day (not when I am in the middle of crazy school shit) but I just need to read 31 books. I am already starting on the challenge I set for myself. If all goes to plan I will be posting a picture of myself with the book that I am currently working on and maybe making a photo album of them on here? These pictures will also be put on my instagram or twitter so if you see doubles…they are mine!

Challenge Numero Three: Finish a full manuscript for a story I am working on. It doesn’t have to be perfect or beautiful (my best friend will be looking at it) but it needs to be something so I can start posting it after some edits onto my Wattpad account (which will be updated in the days to come when I can actually take a fucking breath).

I am also going to be working on a special mixlist of songs. I haven’t decided on what to name it yet but I will be putting songs that have a memory, impact, special something attached to it. Each song will have a link here on the blog with a post that talks about why I love it so much. These may not have happen everyday; I will be also writing these in my journal. I won’t start this right at this very moment but tomorrow since I am getting sleepy and I have to go to bed soon.

I hope you are having a good…evening/morning/afternoon? I know I have been a silent ninja bloggr for the last x amount of months. Have any good songs you have been hearing recently?

Love, E.


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