Apologies but poison took my writing away


I suppose I should begin by apologizing. It has been ages since I have been able to just sit down at my laptop and just write a post.

In the last few weeks I have gotten sick more than once both during school and during my reading break that was now a week ago (scary stuff!). To summarize my unlucky bought of sickness essentially what went on was:

The week before my reading break I came down with some sort of weird flu/cold on the weekend. It was not bad on that Sunday so I got up and went to school the next day (Monday) as per normal. When I got to school I was a mess. Blotchy face, running nose, tearing eyes, and leaving the classroom continuously in order to go to the bathroom because of my stomach. My teacher told me that I could go home since I was pretty sick. Unfortunately I was not able to do that because I would still have to wait more than 20 minutes for a bus. I even told my boyfriend not to pick me up from school because he would have to miss work.

So I stayed home Tuesday and went back to school on Wednesday feeling better. Boyfriend texted me every couple of hours to see how I was doing which was very sweet of him. Thursday we hit up Festival du Voyager (an amazing Winnipeg festival) and Friday we did a dinner and movie for Valentine’s Day. Weekend and most of my Reading Break went over in a flash with no homework being done but tons of writing ideas were flowing (I kinda blame the cough syrup that I was taking since my coughing had been still pretty bad), but that is for another post!

Friday boyfriend and I went out with a group of friends, six of us in total, to a fairly nice restaurant to have some drinks and food. We had a good time and I stayed over at boyfriend’s apartment that night. I called mum to let her know we had gotten home safely and that the evening had been a good one. I sounded fine to my mum and boyfriend. Him and I watched The Hunger Games DVD that he had gotten for his birthday this year and I munched on some popcorn happily.

During the night and in the morning was a completely different story.

Food poisoning literally brought me to my knees. I could barely move and yet I managed to get into my clothing, past boyfriend who was doing his best to keep me in the apartment, and get out of the building so I could stumble my way to the bus stop. I had to make a pit stop at a snow pile so I could throw up in it and tell myself that going back to boyfriend was the thing to do but my feet continued to carry me away. I don’t want to know what the bus driver thought of me as I climbed on the bus.

Evidently my Reading Week-end did not go over so well. I ended up sleeping most of the weekend and splitting time between the couch and bed. I was also shipped between my parents’ houses on Sunday night. Boyfriend was constantly texting me because he couldn’t come and see me while I was at my dad’s house. I will admit that I got mad at him for not chasing me down or even coming with me to the bus stop (everything is good between us now).

It turns out I was not the only one who got food poisoning that night. Out of the six, three of us got sick. The “leader” of our group was in email contact with the manager of the restuarent but I have not heard anything about it since last week. I believe its fair to say we will not be returning to that restaurent any time soon.

Thankfully now I am feeling much better and more than a little stressed from school but that would be normal right?


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  1. My husband works in education, J, my son, just started Kindergarten, and my daughter K just started preschool. I feel your pain. We have been sick more or less continually since october. Hopefully you will be well from now on.

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