Purple Binding, Written Words, Old Fashioned?


A decision that I made a few days after the New Year was to keep better track of my books that I have been reading.

I’ve got GoodReads (I do accept friend requests, you just need to ask!) but sometimes I just don’t feel like turning on my laptop and all that just to update a book status. I do also have the app for my ipod touch but again, just like with the laptop, I need to have wireless and a battery life in order to update.

Its amazing how much we rely on the internet, both with a connection cable and wireless, just to keep track of books, goals, pets, kids, etc. I know I use my laptop a lot when I am writing. I’ve totally destroyed a laptop’s hardrive because I had so much stuff (writing pieces, inspiration for writing, templates for various things, etc.) on it.

Okay, let me get back on track.

This year I have decided that all writing (short stories, novels, poems etc.) will be handwritten and I will be logging all my books that I have read; along with comments and feelings, into a notebook. Mind you this will be two different notebooks. My inspiration for doing this was my cousin who does the same thing, sort of, but not nearly as detailed as I will be.

I am not quite sure exactly what I am going to be putting down but it gets an entire page of the notebook; which consists of both sides of the paper. My goal is to fill a book a yearish and have fun doing it along the way. Then once a month I will add which books I have finished onto my GoodReads account. If I feel I have a decent amount of coverage in my Purple Binding then I will perhaps put up a review or at least my thoughts and comments about the book/short story here on my blog! Keep a look out in the Purple Binding area for further updates!

This year my goal is to read 50 books! Help me get there by suggesting books that YOU like in the comments below!


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  1. Notebooks are a great idea! I would be lost without paper! I discovered the steampunk genre last year (I’m late to the party I know 😉 ) – thanks for the recommendation. I will check out those short stories!

  2. Funny you should mention it. About a decade ago, I started a similar project on what I called a Scroll on my computer. It got a boost when I had major surgery and, in the recovery period, tackled a big stack of reading. A friend said I’d enjoy reading but wouldn’t remember any of it because of the painkillers, so I made sure to keep entries as I went.
    So this month, I took the plunge and have been posting the list and reactions on my blog. Some of the entries would be quite different today, but I’ve kept them as written. Hope your notes don’t rattle you later the way some of mine have.

    • Now that I think about I really hope they don’t either. Though I can see myself looking back and thinking, “What the hell? Where was my brain when I started writing that!” But I think that will be half the fun in seeing what my reactions were from the books that I have been reading.

      • It’s funny that you were asking for suggestions, and now all I want to do is ask for good steampunk suggestions from you!
        I’ve never read any of it, but I’ve been curious to see whether I would like it or not. But you kind of have to start with the right book to open up new genres (at least I do), so I was worried about picking up the wrong one.

        • Awesome!
          I started reading them when I found a small collection of short stories in the library called, “Clockwork and Corsets”. I recomend starting out with this since it has some really neat stories in it. From here I just started searching “Steampunk”, “clockwork”, “gas-lamp fantasy” “victorian era” “edwardian” etc etc.
          Gas-lamp fantasy is a small subgenre of the steampunk world but they have some amazing stories. I own a book of short stories called, “Ghosts and Gaslamps” or was it gaslight?
          *goes over to GoodReads to check*
          Okay, its called “Ghosts by Gaslight” by Jack Dan.
          I have also realized that right now a lot of stories are popping up that have to do with steampunk/clockwork. I suggest going to your library in order to take these books out since some authors don’t quite…”get”…I suppose would be the word, world.
          “Girl in the Clockwork Corset” is a good book to read if you are just entering in the world. It may not have THE BEST storyline or characters but its a good spot to dip your feet into the world. Please keep in mind that it is a debut novel for the author. (I personally find the book quite good, considering a lot of people believe otherwise or that it should not have been published.)
          Recently I have discovered a series called, “The Baskerville Affair” which delves you into the historical steampunk life of Evelina Cooper who is Sherlock Holmes’ niece. Its a brilliant series and I absolutely loved the first book, “A Study in Silks”.
          Hmm..I may have to do a post about steampunk or put up a review or thoughts of a steampunk book that I have read.
          What do you think?
          GoodReads is a fantastic place if you want to search for new books in the steampunk world. I have many on my “to read” list that I want to read.
          I hope this helps! I know there are a lot of books out there that are steampunk but if you need more help just let me know!

          • WOW, that was a lot. I wrote them down, but checking out that many will definitely have to wait. I have a problem with needing to buy books in order to read them (don’t really go to the library, and I like having them). But buying books takes money!

            That Steampunk Series (Is it Steel Corset that you were talking about?) looks like it has some pretty good reviews on Amazon. Or is it a different thing?

            Yeah, I’d definitely do an entry or something about it if you want. It sounds like you’re pretty well-versed in the genre, and I think sometimes people are hesitant to pick something new up.

            Thanks for all your help! Like I said, I wrote those down and will definitely check them out when I have the funds! 😀

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