Can you hear the words sing? Singing the song of Novels to come.


Its down to the last day October and already I can feel that the words of all our novels are starting to push against the barriers in our minds that are keeping them at bay.

My NaNoWriMo 2013 planning will be going into overdrive tonight as I hand out candy and treats to the tricksters coming to my door. Yesterday I finally figured out what caused my main character to lose her memories and consequently her ability to dream. I was inspired by the last passage in Inkheart by Cornelia Funke.  Essentially my character wrote a story when she was little and some of the characters popped out. One of the nasty ones (a warlock) decided that if she had her memories erased of this incident that he will not end up back in the book (side effect of his curse: unable to dream and reading level shot down).

As the story goes she meets her characters, who are now a bit older, and they make a solid effort to get her memories back.

I have yet to settle on names, but have a running list of names from either television shows or just random streets that I have seen in the city and thought, “Ooh that would be a brilliant last name for a character!”, but I have the “models” that I want for my characters. I think this year I am going to do the names last-minute or else halfway through the month I will come up with various amounts of names.

Maybe, if I feel like I have time, I will put my character traits and stuff up here.

FOR NOW THOUGH picture: (my character models so far) Skye Sweetnam, Nicholas Hoult and Kevin Zegers.

Pretty epic eh? Yeah, I thought so too. Its going to be a wild, and interesting story.

At first when I thought about the story I had decided that there would be romance that I would have purposely threw in, subtle though, but now I am thinking that I will just let the natural romance fall into play. I feel like this may be more natural and realistic rather than having a cliché romance.

How are your stories going? Any interesting characters or plots just happening to pop out of the wood work? Have your stories been messed around, scratched out, and surgically put back together?

Happy NaNo Eve and to all a good night write!


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