7 Seconds to Beat the Masters


Finally the results have come in from coach for the Skills Competition on Saturday!

Good news: Partner and I came in second in an event and did not fall into the river!
Bad news: Partner and I were unsuccessful in completeing all the events, I nearly had a breakdown while in our double on water, and partner ended up not being able to finish an event with me because she started getting a charlie horse while on water!

I told her to drink more water before we went out; I even told her to bring a filled water bottle with us on water!

So I am going to focus on the fact that we managed to almost beat out a master, who is also a part time coach for our rec group. Essentially what the event consisted of was that in our double we had three strokes, which we used our legs about 95% so we had a good run, before we were challenged to keep our oars off the water for as long as we could hold them up. In theory this should be a simple challenge but in reality it most definitely is not. Which is why, lo and behold, partner and I had been practicing this particular event for the week and two practices before the Skills Rodeo.

In the end we held out for 7 seconds. We metaphorically blew everyone out of the water with our time, even though we were beaten by part time coach with 8 seconds, and I swear everyone in 100ft of our boat went dead silent as they watched. That silence was only broken when our coach started cheering and whooping in the coach boat beside us!

Even though we got second in our event, and couldn’t even come close in the others, we were not given the coveted Red 10 gallon Cow-person hat which coach had bought and decorated herself.

When we were on the water waiting for our turn to do some of the events I thought I was going to breakdown and cry.

See I really don’t like doing competitions, I get super nervous and wake up that morning feeling like my stomach had decided that it had too much stomach acid in it so I would be needing to make a stop at the washroom to…get rid of it. I used to do a bit of competitive baton, ok more like almost 5 years of it, and I’ve also put my best foot forward in various types of dance but I don’t think I will ever be able to get over stage/regatta/competition fright.

The other coaches and volenteers who were floating around in other coach boats were not giving ideal directions nor were they judging everyone fairly. Put all this together with me starting to loose my patience quickly (thanks to the long wait between events and nervousness) one of the coaches even snapped at me! I was so tempted to give him the finger before rowing off to the dock to call it quits.

But I didn’t. Go me.


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