Lab Results #2: The Debriefing of a Librarian Technician in Training


Today’s lesson in my multimedia class was (insert drum roll here)…BLOGGING! It was very interesting to see how different library blogs are run and what kind of effort the page is being subjected. Read down for more!

::Todays Debriefing Questions::

1. What new information did you gain from today’s lab on blogs?

 I found it very interesting on how many different types of blogs are out there and seeing how it is possible to make webs with them by just linking one blog to another through hyerplinks and cool techiness.

It impressed me on how the response of the readers does have an effect on what happens in a blog being created if the parent website is getting interaction with a specific member of the team or whatever floats the views at that point in time. Its a pretty genius idea: driving your website readers to more of the good thing by setting up a blog dedicated just to a section of your news paper.

2. Out of the 5 blogs you looked at in Activity 2, which one(s) did you prefer?
I was definitely impressed with the blogs from Georgia State University Library CollectionWaterloo Public Library Bookclub Book ReviewsMohawk College Library Brain Blog for Students and The Unquiet Library- High School Media Centre. I have even subscribed to three of them becayse they impressed me so much. Why? What was of interest to you on it? First thing that impressed me was that the layouts of the blogs were all user friendly. In my mind that is a very important aspect to every blog since you want people to be able to interact with them. Second I was highly impressed with how much time and effort has been put into those sites to keep them updated with a fresh look and feel. I almost didn’t want to go away from them and their articles are brilliant. (Which is why I subscribed.) On the other hand when I clicked the link to the Hillsdale Public Library Teen Blog I immediately felt like it was a waste of time being on the site! It just seemed like it had been put up there for the sake of. It has not been tended since its last blog post!

3. In your own words, discuss the ways in which you think using a blog in libraries could be useful to patrons. I think that a blog for libraries is an important thing because it adds a human and personal touch to an already fairly inhuman/alien cyberspace for many people. If someone is unsure about using the internet then it is nice if a library has a blog which is so user interactive that even someone who has never been on the internet before has a feeling of comfort.

Blogging for a library would also be a good investment as advertising since many people do go through their catalogs online. The blog should enhance the patron’s experience with the library rather than take away anything. It should be informative, updated, and give more than just book facts but other relevant posts (such as interesting facts, or news about big authors and publishing houses) that would be of interest.


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