A Moment to think about a Future Splish Splash


This munchkin is going to be in desperate need for dry clothing tomorrow. It has become evident, okay way more evident in any shape and form you could possibly imagine, that my rowing partner and I are going to be making a big splash tomorrow during the club wide Skills Rodeo.

Pause, since I believe there may be some head scratches in the audience. Let me put this into perspective for the non rowers who may be reading this blog post.

When you row in a boat there is a thin line, and even thinner portion of fibre/plexi glass, or whatever the boat is made up of, between you and the body of water you are literally sitting on. In my mind, and pretty much every rower’s mind that I have talked with, there is always an element of trust between the partners. Otherwise your boat could be sunk.


So with this logic I am not at all confident because I really do not trust my partner for tomorrow. Maybe we will survive some of the events…but I already know its going to be a flip, splish, and splash.
Cross your fingers that it doesn’t happen!!


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