Lab Results #1: The Debriefing of a Librarian Technician in Training


Getting myself out of bed this morning for my 8am multimedia class was absolutely no picnic. Not going to lie I slapped that snooze button a couple times before I finally rolled out of bed…and froze. The temperature was only 5C this morning!

After the uninteresting trials of a college student getting ready for school I made my way through a field to the bus stop, hopped on, and landed at school. Did I mention that it never fails that I will get lost on Friday mornings trying to find my first class?

Today in multimedia we briefly (re)tasted the world of Web 2.0 which also connects to the world of Library 2.0: Home of the possibly elusive and rarely seen Librarian Technician. 

1- What was your knowledge of Web 2.0 before doing this lab? In all honesty? My knowledge of the Web 2.0 had been pretty expansive. Although I never actually knew that there was a technical term for it. Previous to taking this Library Technician course I had dabbled in forums, had a blog previous to this one for about a month, RPG – the writing version, online games such as Need for Speed. With my love for writing I’ve also been a member of sites where you can post your stories, both original and fanfiction, that you’ve written (and still do!). Course having a Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr keep me update with friends and family; complete with many possibilities of writing material.

2- What was your knowledge of Web 2.0 being used in libraries? I wouldn’t even know how to describe my knowledge of the use of Web 2.0 regarding libraries! Over time (or at least since I could get my hands on a computer with internet) I have used the OPAC system many a time, followed on Facebook and continuously check the website for news/updates/programs that are becoming available.

A Librarian Technician-in-training has to be aware of this stuff 24/7. Its part of the job.

3- What is your opinion of the integration of Web 2.0 technologies in libraries today? I think that its a fantastic idea: OPAC systems that allow people who don’t necessarily live within the city limits to request specific books to be brought to the most local library in the city for them has great advantages as does being able to renew library books with clicks of a button. For those who are part of a large and diverse creative bunch the ability to express opinions and/or even submit your own work to the library in contests is fantastic option. 

4- At this point, how comfortable do you feel using/participating in Web 2.0 technologies such as blogging, podcasting or tweeting? Very comfortable. Like I mentioned before, I have dabbled in most of the listed technologies except perhaps creating my own podcast; but I listen to a lot of them. Blogging in the past has never really been my forte but I believe this time around it will be a successful path for letting my thoughts out. I mean, one can get sick of planning out complete writing pieces in her head one moment and then *POOF* they are gone the next.

In the past month I have been debating on whether opening a Youtube channel where I would read aloud my own writing would be a good idea. I believe it would be a good way to involve people who otherwise would not enjoy the creativeness of storytelling. It is definitely an avenue that I would love the explore the possibilities at some point.

5- Do you have any questions you’d like to ask? Yes. Who? Me or the readers who managed to get through my rambling?


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