An End of a Chapter


You guys, its been a good (almost) two years in this small corner in the digital world.

I suspect you know what will be coming next.

Right now its time to say goodbye. I fully believe its time for me to go and search for some new adventures. Adventures with a lower level of stress and anxiety getting into my space.

You have probably noticed the lack of posting in the recent months.

I really struggled to post the few posts that did sucessfully “publish”. Anxiety and stress of this blog was weighting me down. Every time I logged on with the intent of posting my brain began filling with swirly clouds of darkness. I began to really try to push through those clouds to discover why it has been so goddamn hard to releast the crazy amount of words fluttering through my mind (in the process keeping me up at night).

  • My blog was started because of a school assignment: the words felt awkard and stiff when I first started on here. Simple because in the back of my mind what I was writing was being viewed by my teacher regardless if it was a school assignment or not. Unfortunately the stiffness continued and can still be read in the most recent posts.
  • My blog is not growing with me: maybe it is just me but recently I noticed that my voice has begun to grow. Though due to the fact this blog started out as an assignment when I was 18 many of the ideas I want to discuss, or ponder, just don’t fit. Its like a pair of jeans that just won’t fit, no matter what (even if WD40 is involved).

Truthfully there are some more reasons, as mentioned above anxiety and stress though are just a couple, these two in particular have been the biggest. The decision to take down my blog has been a big one. I discussed it with a number of people in real life and thankfully almost all have been wonderfully supportive.

So while I am not going to be taking down my blog till the weekend I just wanted to say goodbye.

And this is how I disappear…

GoodReads via Sticky Notes and my reading life


I guess the “traditional method” of using GoodReads is that you add books to your current reading list as you are currently reading them.

As fantastic as this idea is, in theory, for some people I can tell you right now that it doesn’t work for me.

I always forget to update my status on the bloody thing, or forget to include the book in my current reads, or whatever other combinations. This really does annoy me since I have the app on my phone. Like, how much more accessible does it need to be for me to remember? No you don’t have to answer.

Maybe I should start using sticky notes! Be fancy and use glittery gel pens, or colourful permanent markers.

Anyways, so last night I spent a couple hours browsing through books both on the website and also my shelves to figure out which books I want to read during this month and potentially September. My list includes YA and manga but any suggestions you have will be happily included into the list!

Happy reading everyone 😀

Sleeplessness and Thinking


There are just too many things running around my head right now.
It’s been at least a week, or maybe more, that I am aware of where sleep has evaded me. Just like that pesky mosquito in the hall, lingering just out of my reach, yet I can hear it.
At least one thing is going well. I’ve been busy reading and have successfully completed two books this week. Although this may seem to be like a fraction, probably like a quarter of what I normally read in a week, it’s okay.
I am finding it difficult some days to just let myself submerge into the worlds written by others and my own hand.
Maybe I should pick up my crochet again especially since I have to start two large Totoro that need to be finished before October and November.
And this is just a small amount of projects that need to be finished.
Currently my writing, as you can probably tell my blog too, has been gathering physical and digital dust.
I intend to fix this. Recently I have been poking around with some new ideas for one of my original characters, Adelaide, that I intend to try out.
Good thing my girl is adventurous!
Has anyone used the cue card method to plan out writing? I’ve been reading some articles and blog posts about the method online. From what I have read this method might be the key to my success for all my scattered ideas that relate to one story.
Another thing that I have been seeing online is character boards on pinterest and character collages. Do any of you use these? Cam you tell me what you think or any other methods that you use to visually encourage your character to grow?
Lists would be a good idea.

Happy Canada Day!


A few minutes ago I stood outside, at the end of my street’s block, beside my mum and watched the fireworks devour the darkness.

While watching the fireworks I noticed a plane circling around and a twinge of jealousy ran through me. I would have loved to been a fly on that plane as it circled the fireworks shooting through the sky, witnessing the precious seconds of flame in a full 3D explosion.

Happy Canada Day to all of you whether you are Canadian, or not, at home or abroad.

Shine bright, dear fireworks. (Taken outside with my cell phone)

Shine bright, dear fireworks. (Taken outside with my cell phone)

Just the relief, a quickie prompt


Last night I went through the writing prompt tag on tumblr just to see what I would find. There were a bunch of awesome prompts but one list stood out to me: Bookstore AU (
I decided to work on the prompt that made me laugh the hardest (whether it’s because I pictured writing one of the cheesiest scenes, which is honestly so much fun, or not I have it written down at the top of my blank page.
“Holy shit this assistant is hot – yes, I’m looking for a science fiction, a Gothic horror, a spy mystery, a modern dystopian, historical fiction, and – and…”
Not sure where this will lead. I already have some ideas swirling in my mind.
This won’t be the first prompt I have decided to tackle in the last few weeks. Sometimes right now all it honestly feels like I only have enough energy to work on a short blurb.
But for me it’s a relief.
My brain doesn’t feel overwhelmed and for a short time I can focus on melding myself with paper. Even if I fall asleep while working.
If you want to take a crack at it, and don’t mind sharing, feel free to either comment or post it on your own blog (but please let me know, I would love to read it)!